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What is the trash and recycling collection schedule?  When can trash/recycling/yard debris be set out? 

  • Trash collections take place Fridays.

Trash should be set out no earlier than the evening before collection (Thursday evening) and no later than 6:00am the day of collection. All trash must be contained in a lidded container or heavy-duty black trash bag.

  • Recycling collections take place on Fridays. 

Recycling should be set out no earlier than the evening before collection (Thursday evening) and no later than 6:00am the day of collection.  All materials must be contained in the recycling container.  American Disposal provides information regarding recyclable items on their website.  Please click here to be directed to their site.   

**Efforts should be made to weigh down any loose materials that may be picked up and carried away by the wind.** 

  • Yard debris collections happen on Wednesdays (from March through mid-January each season). 

Yard debris should be set out no earlier than the evening before collection (Tuesday evening) and no later than 6:00am the day of collection.  Yard debris should be prepared as follows: 

  • Clippings/leaves - should be contained in clear plastic bags or paper yard debris bags (available from local home improvement stores) or in a separate hard-sided container.
  •  Limbs/branches/loose trimmings - should be cut into short (2-3 foot sections) and bundled with twine in a way that one person can collect each bundle. 

    NOTE:   If you contract for lawn and landscape services at your home, you should arrange for your contractor to haul away the yard debris OR have them place the yard debris out of public view.  You may set the yard debris out for collection on Tuesday evening. 

Adhering to these guidelines helps to minimize the chances of Mother Nature (by wind or wildlife) spreading trash and materials throughout the community.  We must all do our part to maintain the overall community image. 


How much are the HOA assessments and what do they cover?

The 2018 quarterly assessments are currently $183.00 per quarter.  The assessment is established each year by the Board of Directors in order to cover the ongoing, routine operating expenses associated with the community (i.e. common area lawn and bed maintenance, trash/recycling collection, common area insurance coverage, management services) as well as any enhancement or improvement projects that are desired.   In order to meet the expectations of the community, we rely on timely payment of these assessments.   


How do I pay my assessments?

Below are the payment options available to you. 


1.  You can forward a check or money order for your dues assessment as they come due or for the year in advance.  Simply forward a check or money order with your last name as well as your Unit ID on the face of it.  We will apply it appropriately. Your check should be payable to Ashgrove Plantation HOA and mailed to:

Ashgrove Plantation HOA
c/o RCS Mgmt Pymt. Proc. Ctr.
PO Box 65253
Phoenix, AZ 85082-5253


2.  You can pay your dues using the Mutual of Omaha Bank website ( – look for the “Make a Payment” link or similar).  Funds will be directly deposited to the Association’s bank account.  There are two options available on the website; please have your payment coupon available when you log on:

    a.  Pay using e-Check by clicking the link on the right-hand side (see sample screen attached).  This option allows a payment to be debited from your checking account.  NOTE:  There is no charge by the Mutual of Omaha Bank for this service; however, your bank may charge you a service fee; 

    b.  Pay using a credit card by clicking the link on the right-hand side (see sample screen attached).This allows a payment to be debited from the credit card account you enter.  NOTE:  Mutual of Omaha Bank charges for this credit card use convenience; neither the Association nor RCS collects any portion of this fee.

    Note:  You can establish a user account at the website and schedule periodic payments on your own.  The system can make your periodic payments on a schedule you establish. 


3.  You can enroll in the automated ACH debit program.  This ACH debit program is also deposited DIRECTLY to the Association’s bank account.  This payment method takes the burden from you as the homeowner.  You can rest assured that your payment has been drawn automatically.  You will never see a late fee or delinquency notices related to an unpaid assessment.  You will not see a statement each assessment period.  Yes, that is one less piece of mail…  Simply complete the ACH Enrollment Form and return it with a voided check and the current assessment coupon to have your enrollment cover current dues payment.   After that, the dues payment will be drawn from your account between the 5th and 10th day of each assessment period.     


RCS Management and the Board of Directors offer these options to may make your community living experience a little easier…a little less complicated…a little simpler.  Please feel free to use any of these three options.  The choice is truly yours.  


Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact Rod at RCS Management (703-778-7271 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).   


 Who are the members of the Board of Directors?  When do they meet?  Can I attend? 

The members of the Board of Directors are volunteer homeowners from within the community.  These members volunteer to govern, administer, and oversee the day to day operations of the community.  A listing of the members and their officer positions can be found on this site.  Homeowners and residents are welcome to attend the Board meetings.  Keep an eye on our community calendar for more information. 


Who do I contact regarding irresponsible pet owners?

As much as we enjoy the chance to get outside and active, we must be cognizant of others.  In particular, pet owners have a bit more responsibilities than a solo walker.   Allowing your dog to urinate or defecate on the neighbor's lawn can be seen as wrong, but if you do not clean up afterward, it turns just downright disrespectful.  Leaving behind doggie calling cards (no matter how big or small) is simply not polite and definitely not appreciated.  Having your dog running loose and frighten a family out for a casual stroll is truly unacceptable.  As you likely already know, Fairfax County ordinances require that pet owners not allow their pets to run off-leash at any time AND curb/clean up after their dogs.  

Fairfax County animal control and police officers are best prepared to enforce the County ordinances.  Their warnings, fines and consequences are far more powerful than anything the Association may have available.


You can likely report this type of complaint without having any officer visit your home.  

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